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PURE FOOD COMPANY (PFC) is a private enterprise that was incorporated in January, 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey. The company was born out of an ambition to challenge conventional FMCG companies and focus on developing a portfolio of brands endorsing key trends within the spectrum of value added’, eco-friendly, sustainable, vegan (non-dairy and meat) and functional foods. PFC currently has 4 active brands and 2 pipeline projects that will make its debut in 2022.

PURE FOOD COMPANY (PFC) focuses on developing innovative business models that are conscious, transparent and aligned with the fast-paced modern world. We actively explore new concepts and technologies that can be turned in to long lasting ventures that can also help tackle the disruptions in the food industry. While nutritional and sensory quality lies at the forefront of our foundation, we carefully chose mission driven ventures that combat food waste, promote local and seasonal produces -predominantly plant-based nutrition forms.

PFC, is established as a joint stock company under Turkish laws. It is a privately owned enterprise focusing on nutritional and health-related consumer goods that are both financially viable and elevates a social value. The company maintains a decentralised organizational structure that allows widespread communication and collaborations – at all levels.

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Potamya is a renowned lifestyle brand delivering legumes, one of the leading vegetable proteins, in the most practical, pure and delicious forms. The brand offers a range of organic pasta varieties made from 100% organic legumes and vegetable flour, along with complementary products such as pasta sauces and olive oil. Potamya fulfils a pioneering role in the introduction of innovative, high quality, protein-rich functional foods.

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