Who We Are

While every step we take does not only aim to increase our profits, our top priority is to bring all business models to life with nature and to ensure that these models survive in a rapidly changing world. The brands we have developed mainly aim to bring plant based nutrition to the fore.We are a team that characterizes ourselves as a community, aiming to develop pure food for the community

Our Passion

Our biggest passion is to realize business models that are intertwined with nature. We believe nature finally chooses or leads the right path. In addition to nature, it is our goal to optimize waste and accessibility by adapting technical changes to the food sector. If we could put our passion in two words, it would be nature and technology.

Legal Structure

PFC, which is established as a joint stock company under Turkish laws. Primary object is to maximize the benefit of the member of the community as well as the share holder benefits. However, some of the investments we make as pfc consist entirely of non-profit projects. We believe that life is much better when shared.

Our Brands
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Potamya is to deliver pulses and functional foods to young and new generation consumers. The product group that stands out in the brand is high protein organic pulses pasta.


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